“That it always has to hurt is a serious misconception,” She had said. “I’ll let you see that things can be very different.”

So now you stood naked in front of Her and felt Her hands go over your body. You felt Her hesitation at your nipples and even, briefly, you hoped that She would squeeze them gently. But no, Her hands wandered further over your body. After all, you did not want pain? You had clearly indicated that and who was She to want to make you change your mind?

“I do not do coercion” She had said on the phone to you. ‘I usually get just what I long for. Something that needs to be enforced is not my thing. ”
You felt Her hands slide over your ass. “Nice ass,” you could hear Her whisper and very briefly you felt Her finger pushed into your anus.
Perhaps you’re just imagining it? Also that was not your preference, you had told Her. You loved mind play. Standing naked before Her and doing what She says.

She found that a challenge, since all the things that you did not want, She found so wonderful to do! “I wonder if I have so much self-control,” She had said. But if not, you can always of course say “mercy”. She laughed at the nervous silence that had fallen on Her words.

She let you kneel and sat down in front of you. She took cuffs off a tray and again laughed at your terrified reaction.
“No, I’m not going to tie you up,” She said. “I think such shackles are just suit a tough man very nicely. The eye, after all, wants something?”
You saw how She stared at your cock, which seemed to have shrunk in terror. She placed the shackles on and gave you the task to make yourself hard.

And although there was no shouting nor threatened with a whip, did you unresistingly performed Her request.
“Do it harder,” She said. You saw Her tongue gliding over Her lips as She looked at what you were doing. “If I do this to you,” She whispered in your ear, “I would put my nails in the balls, so it’s good that you do it yourself.” She looked surprised when you moaned. “Softer”! She commanded, when they saw that you started to lose your self control. “I do not want you to cum. It seems that you liked that idea of nails in your balls. But I will no doubt be wrong…”

She gave you instructions to sit on Her bed on your knees, with your ass up towards Her. “Pull it open,” She said. “Let me see where I can not touch.”
There was no trace of audible threat in Her voice and in spite of the shame you felt, you almost automatically did what was required of you.
“Now you blush?” She asked sweetly. Indeed, now you blushed! “Look in the mirror,” She said. You saw yourself sitting, inviting, ready to be fucked. Something you decidedly did not want!

You cock was still rock hard, so that was quite strange according to Her.

“Don’t be scared,” She said, as She grabbed a strapon and began stroking it. “I’ll just let you see how that looks like. Horny, don’t you think?” without waiting for your answer She ordered you to wank yourself off. She was standing right behind you right now, but not one finger touched you. She just looked. “It’s good that you don’t know how nice it is to be fucked,” She said, “so fortunately you’re not missing anything.”

You got more and more the idea that you’d missed everything! But you couldn’t suddenly go begging for all those things you did not want at first.


As if She had guessed your thoughts, She gave you instructions to cum. “With a cock in your ass it would have been a thousand times better,” She said, as you released an orgasm like you had rarely experienced before.

Was it strange that when you got home, you suddenly dreamed of all those things you do not really want?

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